IUT offers extensive courses both in general and specialized fields of mechanical engineering providing excellent exposure to the graduating students in preparing them for the competitive job fields in both academic and industrial area. Specialized subjects like materials and tool engineering, metal forming, working and fabrication provides widespread understanding in the field of Production Engineering. Furthermore, specialized area like Industrial Instrumentation and Control comprises courses on Engineering System Design, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Drive Systems, Automatic Control Engineering etc to prepare the students to cope with crucial industrial contexts. Courses on Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Technology and Maintenance, coupled with Engineering Design, Finite Element Analysis and Electrical and Electronic Engineering provide advanced and indispensable knowledge and skill in the field of Automotive Engineering. Students are also offered courses on renewable energy, turbo machinery, applied mechanics, advanced machine tool design, advanced topic in manufacturing, expert process planning and manufacturing, etc. 

The department offers a modern curriculum for a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree program focusing on basic scientific, engineering principles and methods, exposure to state of the art technology, and the opportunity to work on exciting problems having real-world impact. Total 180.75 credit hours are awarded to the students for gradation, and this must include the specified core courses. These total credit hours are distributed in eight semesters, two semesters in each year. The first two year’s courses include basic science, humanities and introduction to fundamental areas of mechanical engineering. The third year covers the core mechanical engineering courses along with required electives to enhance the knowledge base of the students. Finally, in fourth year, students get to choose from diverse optional courses from specialized areas according to their particular interest to enable each individual to enhance his/her own potential to the fullest of his/her capabilities.

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