Academic Faculties

Dr. Md Zahid Hossain

Professor & Head

 +880 9291254 Ext. 3339

PhD(Mie University, Japan), M Engg (Mie University, Japan), B Sc Engg (BUET, Bangladesh).

Research Interests: Linear and Nonlinear Vibration: Piece wise linear vibration on torsional system. Method of analysis has been done by Simulation and experimentation ;Chaos: Chaos has been investigated for the torsional systems through phase plane, poincare map etc. ;Rotor Dynamics : Suppression of rubbing in the rotary machinery ;Designing of machinery on the basis of vibration: Excavator bucket and arm, cricket bat designing and analyzing ;Noise attenuation through Helmholtz resonator of a duct..

Dr. Md. Nurul Absar Chowdhury

Professor and Dean

 +880 9291254-Ext 3252 or 3204

Ph.D (Mechanical Engg/Moscow State Auto-mechanical University/Russia/1989., M. Sc.(Computer Science), B.Sc. (Production Engg/Volgograd State Technological University, Russia /1982)

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling and computer simulation of manufacturing Processes; Control and Automation of Industrial enterprises; Optimization of operating conditions for different manufacturing methods using Fuzzy-logic; Automation and Computerization of Manufacturing System; Mechatronics in manufacturing process control; Synchronization of material handling equipment in a flexible manufacturing system; Parametric Machine design.

Dr. Md. Anayet Ullah Patwari

Professor, MCE and Head REASP

 +880 9291254 Ext. xxxx

PhD (IIUM, Malaysia), M Sc Engg (TUT, Japan), B Sc Engg (BUET, Bangladesh).

Research Interests: Smart Machining Processes ; Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) ; Surface Burnishing processes ; Bio-medical Engineering;Bio-Halal Technology .

Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed


 +880 9291254 Ext. 3344

PhD (UM), MEng (AIT), BScEng (Mech) (BUET), PgDPM (IPM).

Research Interests: Manufacturing planning and control. ; Quality and reliability engineering. ; Maintenance engineering. ; Product design and development. ; Industrial management ; Human resources management.

Dr. A. R. M. Harunur Rashid

Associate Professor

 +880 9291254 Ext. 3334

Ph.D.(DCU, Ireland), B.Sc.Mech Engg.(BUET,Bangladesh)

Research Interests: Industrial Engineering, Safety & Human Factors Engineering, Engineering Economy & Management, Maintenance Engineering, Operations Research... .

Dr. Md. Hamidur Rahman

Associate Professor

 +88029291254 Ext 3328

PhD (IUT, OIC); MASc (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada); BSc Engg (IUT, OIC).

Research Interests: CFD simulation in Thermo-Fluid applications such as Gas Turbines, Aerodynamic braking system etc. ;Environmental Simulation such as contaminant dispersion, rural and urban kitchen emissions, sand scouring of the river bed etc. ;Solar Energy Conversion to Mechanical and Electrical Energy, ;Ocean wave simulation and experiment, ocean energy conversion mechanisms etc..

Dr. Mohammad Ahsan Habib

Associate Professor

 +88029251254 Ext 3288

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Research Interests: Conventional and Non-conventional Machining Process development, optimization and modeling. ;CAD, CAE (FEM) and CAM. ;Energy Analysis and Policies Development. ;Mechatronics and System Automation. .

Dr. Md. Jalil Miah

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Department of Innovation Systems Engineering, Utsunomiya University, Japan March (2016). M.Sc. Physical Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (2009). B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2008).

Research Interests: Fabrication of stimuli-sensitive Organic thin solid films, Photocurrent activity of Organic thin films, Preparation of inorganic oxides and their use in adsorption and photodegradation of dye, Wastewater treatment. .

Dr Arafat Ahmed Bhuiyan

Assistant Professor

 +880 9291254 Ext. 3207

PhD (Australia/2016), M. Sc Engg (IUT, OIC/2009), B. Sc Engg (IUT, OIC/2007).

Research Interests: Applied Thermal Engineering;Industrial Fluid mechanics & processes;Computational fluid dynamics (CFD);Combustion & CO2 capturing systems (CCS);Renewable/sustainable energy technologies;Energy efficient technology development .

Dr. Md. Rezwanul Karim

Assistant Professor

 +88029291254 Ext. 3207

PhD (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia), M. Sc Engg (IUT), B. Sc Engg (IUT).

Research Interests: Renewable Energy; Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal Systems; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) ; Solid Fuel Combustion System Modelling; Thermal Engineering.

Mr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Assistant Professor

 +880 1716398455

Master of Philosophy(M. Phil) in Mathematics(BUET, Bangladesh), M.S in Pure Mathematics(CU), B. Sc in Applied Mathematics(CU).

Research Interests: Thermo fluid ; Nanofluid ; Mathematical modeling .

Mr. Sayedus Salehin

Assistant Professor

 +88029291254. Ext.3343

M.Sc (KTH, Sweden), M.Sc (BarcelonaTech, Spain), B.Sc (IUT, Bangladesh)

Research Interests: Renewable energy; Energy system modeling; Convective heat transfer; Applied thermal engineering.

Mr. Md. Abdul Karim


 +88029291254 Ext. 3341

M.Sc (IUT), B.Sc (IUT)

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics; Biofluid Mechanics.

Mr. Ifat Rabbil Qudrat Ovi


 01764608266 Mechanical Engineering(IUT,Bangladesh)

Research Interests: Analysis and Control of Dynamic systems.

Mr. Abu Shaid Sujon


 +8802921254 Ext xxxx

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from IUT, Bangladesh.

Research Interests: Control System.

Muhammad Awais


 +88029291254 Ext 3338

BSc (Mechanical and Chemical engineering, IUT, Bangladesh)

Research Interests: Heat and Mass transfer, Turbo-machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Automotive.

Nagib Mehfuz



M Sc in Sound and Vibration (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), BSc. in Mechanical Engineering (Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh)

Research Interests: Active Noise Control; Non linear Vibration; Sound Measurement;.

Tanvir Shahriar



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from IUT, Bangladesh.

Research Interests: Renewable Energy;Robotics.

Tahsin Sejat Saniat



BSc in Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Islamic University of Technology

Research Interests: Active and passive Boundary layer manipulation; Wing tip vortex and interference drag minimization; Flow separation delay through active control; Morphing aerodynamic structures utilizing Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) ; Lattice structures for lightweight, aerospace and competitive applications ; Light structures and high strength cellular composites; Aerodynamic performance of aircrafts and high speed transportations..

Mohammed Raihan Uddin



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from IUT, Bangladesh.

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics; Algorithm development for computational aerodynamics; Modelling and stability analysis of control systems.

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