Recent Publications

Books/Book Chapters

1. Bhuiyan, A. A., M.R. Karim, and J. Naser, Modeling of solid and bio-fuel combustion technologies. Thermo-fluid modeling for Energy Efficiency Applications; Khan, MMK, Hassan, NMS, Eds, 2015: p. 259-309.

Refereed Journal Articles

2. Rahman, M H, Islam, A K M Sadrul, and Amin, Ruhul M, “Numerical Study of Emission Control of Rural Kitchen for Healthy Environment” published online as accepted manuscript in the Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, a transaction of ASME. (DOI:10.1115/1.4043914). (Web of Science)

3. Awais, M., Bhuiyan, AA, Enhancement of thermal and hydraulic performance of compact finned-tube heat exchanger using vortex generators (VGs): A parametric study, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol.140: p. 154-166, 2019.

4. Chowdhury, MSR , Azad, AK. , Karim, MR , Naser, J. , Bhuiyan, AA, Reduction of GHG emissions by utilizing biomass co-firing in a swirl-stabilized furnace, Renewable Energy vol.143: p. 1201-1209, 2019.

5. Shadman Mahmud, Adib Adnan, Shahnoor Shamim Khan, Md. Hamidur Rahman,”Effect of Various Angles of Flat Brake Plate on Aerodynamic Drag for Hyperloop Pod” to be published in the Journal of Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology. (Web of Science and Scopus) .

6. M. R. Uddin, T. S. Saniat, S. Salehin, M. H. Rahman, “A Numerical Study of Drag Based Aerodynamic Braking System for The Hyperloop” submitted to Transaction of Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering. (Web of Science)

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